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Big Changes This Year, Please Read Membership Descriptions.  Link to Application Below


New for 2023, we will no longer offer "Open Shoot Hours."  All members who qualify will gain access to the building to shoot whenever open shooting is available.  No fees will be collected for open shooting.  Guests may shoot for $15 but must be accompanied by a Member.  The calendar on our website will indicate when the building is available for open shooting.  All members will continue to receive discounts on leagues.

On August 1, 2023, the code on the lock to the building was changed.  Members will get the new code when their membership is approved and payment is received.  At some point we will transition from the number code lock to a Key Card Entry System where members will receive a Key Card to gain access to the building.

Membership Dues:

  • Unlimited Membership July 1 - June 30 - $150 (Currently suspended and will be available July 1)

    • Member gains access to range during available shooting hours.

    • Member can add one (1) spouse and household children under 18 for $25 each.

      • Members under 18 must be accompanied by Parent/Guardian.

      • Household member is no longer eligible to be added as a family member once they turn 18.

    • Members no longer have to pay fees to open shoot.

    • Members may bring a guest for $15.

      • Guest can pay cash/check and place in lockbox or pay via PayPal.
      • Guest paying with PayPal MUST include member name in the notes on the transaction.
    • Members receive discounted entry into leagues.

    • Lifetime Members fee is $25.

    • Board Members pay $75 for single membership, $15 for one (1) spouse and each household child under 18.

* There is no longer a "youth membership." In a situation where the youth (under 18 is the only shooter in the family, they still pay for the Full Membership gaining membership access.  Rational: There will no longer be open shooting, which means there will no longer be open shoot fees.  The membership fee takes the place of all open shoot fees that would have otherwise been collected under the previous system.  Non-archery parents/guardians with multiple archery children will pay a full membership for one child and pay $25 for each additional child under 18.

  • Half Year Memberships

    • July 1 - December 31, Bow Hunter Membership - $100.

    • January 1 - June 30, Target Membership - $100.

    • $15 each for one (1) spouse and each household child under 18.

    • Half memberships receive the same priviledges as Full Members for the 6 month period.

Rational: Bow hunter membership provided for shooters whose focus is hunting season.  Target membership provided for shooters whose focus is target archery.  Target membership is also available for individuals and families who are first time members in the last 6 months of our cycle.

  • Target and Hunter Leagues

    • All Leagues will run one (1) Fall session and one (1) Winter session.

    • Sessions will be 10 weeks long.

    • All League members will be paid in full by the 2nd night of the league.

    • All Leagues will charge $150 for non-members, $100 for members.

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